Continued Radio Silence

*Originally posted 11th May 2011

Well this is all getting very samey now isn’t it? Samey and boring….

Every time Arsenal loose a game everyone associated with the club seems to have a super injunction imposed on them to stop them from speaking, aside from one or two select players who are permitted to speak to the official site about learning lessons and making sure we don’t make the same mistakes again blah blah etc.

To be honest I’m not sure what else anyone could say and maybe it is best that only a select few are chosen to speak rather then us be deafened by a chorus of under performers quipping “We won’t do it again, we promise’ and as much as we would perhaps like him to, with two games still to go there is no point in Wenger coming out and saying ‘Right that’s it, *****, ********, *******, ****** & ******* are never playing for this club again and the rest of them have got a very small window of opportunity to prove to me they shouldn’t follow those five out the door’.

With Manchester City winning last night, thanks to Peter Crouch having traveled to the game in some kind of ironic time machine, they now trail us by only two points and it makes it imperative that we win our remaining two games and keep a hold of third place. If we were to now finish fourth and need to participate in a qualifying round for the Champions League it would compound this season into a disaster (Remember when we were still in with a chance of winning the league all but a few short weeks ago… sigh)

So I don’t really care which player is allowed to stand on the soap box in the press room or what spin they put on the ‘We won’t do it again’ spiel, it is now, as it has been so so many times before, time to put up or shut up. Time to go out and give Villa & Fulham a real going over.

The Villa game on Sunday is the last home game of the season, we all know that The Grove hasn’t been the most cheerful of places to watch football at times this season so surely that needs putting right especially with the angry people doing their ‘walk’ prior to the game – Yes I know, the mere mention of an angry walk makes you shiver to the core doesn’t it – they need no more reason to moan and their vehicle of complaint shouldn’t be allowed to become a bandwagon for all dissenters and the ‘Wenger out’ brigade to jump on.

Aside for a little bit of transfer gossip, which I actually quite enjoy in a macabre way but have already been chastised for making the slightest suggestion about on Twitter , there is very little to talk about yet again, aside from –  Sir Alex Ferguson has blown the lid on something I thought had been common knowledge for years

We can but imagine what the world would be like had the United boss taken the job, but I think it would most likely have resulted in neither Arsenal nor United having had nothing like the successes they have enjoyed since then. The Scotsman would most likely be managing Preston North End with Fat Sam as number two and Arsene Wenger would have made SD Ponferradina thrice times champions of Europe having spent Four Euros on players.

I dread to think where Arsenal would be…

Thanks for reading!


Up The Arsenal!



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