Everybody needs good neighbours

*Originally posted 6th April 2011

There are times in life when things just aren’t going your way. You haven’t got an ounce of luck on your side and it just all seems to be going wrong. Your family and friends are in as much of a slump as you are and there is little to nothing to be happy about.
Then suddenly you find that your neighbours can perk you up…
You’ve never been friends, always rivals – even during that odd period you had to stay with them for a while when the government took over your house – you’ve had many a scrap not just from across the fence but in each others gardens too.
Sure they were there first but the reality is that since you moved in they have been for the most part living in your shadow. They of course pretend otherwise and from time to time parade their minor victories about in the most peculiar ways.
You have everything they want and they like to attempt to keep up with the Joneses as it were, and they don’t mind splashing out a few bob in the process – usually this money is spent on cheap and poorly made imports which fail to live up to expectation, this can be quite embarrassing for your neighbours especially when they make such a song and a dance about their purchases before they’ve even tried them out.
Perhaps these neighbours have recently had the double blow of first having a planning application rejected in a vain attempt to try and spruce up their crumbling home and then just when they think they might be able to move and annoy a new set of neighbours it all falls through.
Despite all of this there are times when you have your own downslide, even if it’s at a time when really things maybe aren’t quite as bad as they seem. At times like this it is easy to look across at your neighbours and begrudge what they have for a brief moment.
That is until they fall flat on their faces again and their cheap imitation of your life is exposed.
At these times you surely have to take the time to thank your neighbours and look forward to a little weekend away by the seaside…
Thanks Neighbours!

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