Gossip & conjecture

*Originally posted 12th May 2011

Morning all!
Well, still the wait for some real Arsenal news goes on & with our game against Villa not taking place until Sunday – Sorry Sky, your punt on us still being involved in the title race didn’t pay off – there will be no press conference from Arsene Wenger until tomorrow so we’ll just have to amuse ourselves with gossip & conjecture.
Let’s start with the crazy talk first shall we?
Apparently Manchester City are set to make a bid for Cesc as Roberto Mancini see’s him as the player that will make them champions of England. Firstly I think it is important to remember that our captain has stated on numerous occasions that he would not join another English club if & when the time comes to leave Arsenal, I can’t see any reason why that would change now. If the Spaniard moved to Eastlands, presuming we accepted any City offer that is, he would be vilified.
We all expect he will leave one day and I think that in the most part we accept that. He moved to, what is to him, a foreign country at an extremely young age and has never hidden any desire to one day return to his home country and indeed the club he watched as a boy, the club he left to join us, the club that has made no secret of the fact they want him back. I can accept all that and I think as long as it is all done in the right way between the two clubs pretty much every Gooner would *That isn’t to say I or anyone else would like it*, it isn’t the same as Jack saying ‘ I want to play Manchester United one day, they are in my heart’, that we would not accept.
So if City were to make a bid and Arsenal, in an act of spitting in the face of a bunch of already dissatisfied fans, were to accept it I would still expect Cesc to turn the move down. But what I do think is a slightly interesting twist on this story are the reports this morning that the mega rich Mancunians are actually set to go all out and attempt to sign Xavi from Barcelona thus possibly reigniting the newly re-crowned champions of Spain’s interest in Fabregas.
I’m sure most of you will have the same initial though to that as I did ‘Why would Xavi leave Barcelona and join City?’, but once you maybe think about it, and this may just be because I don’t have anything else to think about, it doesn’t seem so crazy. Xavi is 31, has won absolutely everything, he has been at the Camp Nou since he was 11 and may just fancy not only the massive amounts of money that City would throw at him but also the opportunity to experience a different culture and to be part of one of those ‘exciting projects’ footballers always seem to be talking about these days.
I’m not saying it is going to happen but it isn’t as crazy as it first seems, is it?
So were the diminutive playmaker to say Adios to Las Ramblas & ‘ay up to Wilmslow Road would the Champions League finalists come back in for Fabregas?
When talking about this much talked about possible move we all usually ask ‘But where would he fit into the Barca team?’, well how about the Xavi shaped hole in the middle?
Anyway, it is all just paper talk at this moment in time, as it most likely will be for much of the summer and beyond until something actually happens, and I’m just chewing the fat.
What is possibly just as ridiculous as the ‘Cesc to City’ stories are the rumours that Bacary Sagna could be on his way to Germany to join Bayern Munich
That is a move I would not welcome at all, the right back is one of small number of Arsenal players set to come out of this season with any credit. He has made the position his own and in my opinion should be one of the first names on the team sheet. In a season when our defence has been disappointing yet again it would be foolish to remove someone who is pivotal to what we all hope will be a much improved and re-enforced backline next season.
TalkSport suggest that Marouane Chamakh could be heading Lazio in a £9m deal – Mehh…
They also report that we’re battling Seville & Juve for the services of Stuttgart’s Serdar Tasci who has been linked with us in the past – Again Mehh… and that also goes for Sky Sport’s suggestion that we are keeping an eye on Malaga’s Venezuelan striker Salomon Rondon with a view to a £14m bid .
In my view we could certainly do with another goal scorer, RVP may have been banging them in of late but we can’t necessarily count on his fitness lasting an entire season, and while I personally feel that Nicklas Bendtner will come good if played correctly we should still be looking to sign a proven goal scorer not a 21 year old who has had a decent season.
Henri Lansbury has returned to the club after helping Norwich City win promotion to the Premier League and I would like to see him get a decent run out in our final two games. Wenger recently stated that he believes the youngster will become an Arsenal first team player so lets put that to the test while we know he is in good form and we’ve already got one eye on next season.
Cesc is apparently fit to return which is good news obvs and I would also like to see Tommy Vermaelen get a good run out at some point, I am assuming he is fit enough to play some part after he was named on the bench at Stoke and while I wouldn’t want to take any risks on his fitness it could be a timely reminder that we have a centre half who, until suffering an achilles injury in August, has always been very solid, reads the game well & chips in with a fir amount of goals too.
So that’s that for now – if anyone has any thoughts on any of the above or indeed anything Arsenal related then it would be great to hear from you in the comments section below or indeed on Twitter
Thanks for reading.
Up The Arsenal!



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