Great Scott Marty

*Originally posted 17th April 2011

Morning all,
Hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend? I’m sat on a bit of land which is but a few short miles from Portsmouth yet it feels like the end of the earth right now, because as I’m sat writing this blog I’ve no idea how I’ll be able to post it on the Internet unless I use something out of the  MacGyver handbook and use an old saucepan to bounce a signal from a passing Korean satellite…
I’ve almost lost touch with what is going on in the football world over the last couple of days due to the lack of modern communication infrastructure on this rock of an island. All the sporting news I have had has come from a newspaper dated 1961 which seems to suggest that Spurs are league champions, so that should give you an indication into just what a trip back in time this is – no one has heard of The Beatles yet,  the general belief is that the moon is made of cheese and there is an old man who lives inside it and If I don’t make sure Tony Adams’ parents meet and fall in love at the enchantment under the sea dance well frankly, we’re all screwed!
On a serious note, we’ve heard it said a few times this season but the next few games are massive starting with Liverpool at the grove this afternoon.
Much has changed for both sides since I was at Anfield on the opening weekend for the 1-1 draw. We had a certain Belgian defender in the side, it was Pepe Reina making mistakes and letting soft goals in, Joe Cole could get a game, albeit it was his first game and he did get sent off which kind of set the tone for his entire season, and Roy Hodgson was in charge of Liverpool, until Kenny Dalglish stole the time machine and tricked a couple of Americans into believing in was 1987 and he was the best manager in Europe…
Well with the help of the sports almanac Biff Kenny has improved the fortunes of Liverpool especially by of loading Torres and bringing in Luis Suarez from Ajax and Andy Carroll from Newcastle – they know how to score a goal Fernando. Dalglish has his midfield working in harmony without a certain Mr. Gerrard and they’ve looked a much better side of late then they have done in a long long time.
So at the start of  an eight day period which also sees us take on Spurs, a side who haven’t won the title in fifty years, and Bolton, it is imperative that we pick up three points this afternoon.
I expect Wojciech Szczseny to return in goal with Jens returning to the bench (and giving a few more team talks) and I think it will be a boost to have our number one back in the side especially as Johan Djourou is also set to return after suffering a shoulder injury against United in the cup. Sagna & Song are also in contention for a place in the side so it will be interesting to see if Arsene Wenger brings these key players straight back into the side or puts faith in those who have deputised in their absence – I guess fitness and their respective showings in training this week will dictate that.
It is vital that we are solid at the back today, Suarez won’t stop running and causing our back four problems, Dirk Kuyt will work his socks off as he always does and we’ve already seen what Andy Carroll is capable of against us at home this season. There is no room for error.
Anything less than three points today and I think we can finally admit that the dream is 100% over for another season.
In other news there are a few reports floating about this morning that contract talks with Nasri’s advisers have stalled so we may cash in this summer rather than allow him to walk away for free at the end of next season.
The Frenchman has arguably been our best player this season and how we have managed to get ourselves in this position with his contract is beyond me, it’s all very much like the Flamini scenario all over again.
We really should have had Samir signed on for many years to come long before this season even started. If today’s reports are true then not only do we run the risk of losing him for noting in twelve months time but if we do cash in this summer then we’ll get nowhere near what he is worth when clubs know they can sit back and wait to snap him up for nought.
This has to be sorted as a priority in my eyes, no ‘oh we’ll sit down in the summer’ no – get Nasri in a room with the contract and a pen and don’t let him out until he signs it.

There is also a ridiculous story that we’re in a fight with Spurs for the services of Ben Foster – I’m not even going to link to that. Is the guy who couldn’t make it at United and looks like that lad from Emmerdale any better than Woj? Ummm no, no he most certainly is not, so that’s where it starts and ends for me.

Right well that’s enough from me today, I’ve got to go and find a decent saucepan…
Here’s to three massive points this afternoon.
Thanks for reading!
Where we’re going we don’t need roads – I mean…
Up The Arsenal!

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