I’m back, but nothing has changed

*Originally posted 9th May 2011

Well I go away for a week, have little to no coverage of anything Arsenal related and what happens? Well, nothing very different to what was happening before I went to be honest…. Same old Arsenal.
I didn’t see the defeat of United last week and I didn’t see the defeat by Stoke yesterday, and to be honest I’m glad.
Glad I missed the United game because just like the wins over Chelsea & Barcelona this season it was another crack papering exercise and one of those games that leaves fans running the risk of getting sucked into rapidly evaporating chasms of hope and belief.
I’m also glad I missed the Stoke game because, well it’s obvious why really isn’t it!
Those two games sum up our season in a nutshell – we can go from looking like the team we are so often told we are to the team we actually are in such a short space of time, surely it has to be final proof that the phrase ‘Mental Strength’ should never again pass the lips of a certain Frenchman.
Talking of Arsene, rather than blame the players again, he has to take the blame for this now in my opinion (Please note this is not an ‘Arsene Out’ call). We all know that the players yet again let themselves down yesterday and didn’t perform to anywhere near the level we know they can, let alone the level we are so often told they are capable of, and once again the biggest problem was the defending, of which the boss said:
That is something we have to correct. It is the easiest thing to correct in the game
Come on Arsene, if you truly believe it is that simple then why has it not been corrected long before now?
It brings me back to something I said after the Bolton game – Either the players are not being coached well enough or they just don’t get it, either way a big change is needed in that department. But then big changes are required all over really, defensive duties aside no change is needed more so than the ability to adapt our formation and our play to be better suited to what is in front of us. Plenty of sides manage to change shape in both of those departments during games let alone prior to them yet we continue to persist with 4-3-3 even though it is as clear as day that everyone knows how to counter that – even Tony Pullis…
This is such an important period for Arsenal football club in every department, from the board room via the coaching, management & playing staff and even the fan base. Too many headlines and articles make the suggestion that a summer of big spending in the transfer market will make it all alright, it won’t. There is no doubt that we need to strengthen, but if the players, regardless of who they are, are going to continue to undertake the same coaching methods and tactical deployment then nothing will change on the pitch. If nothing changes on the pitch then nothing changes from the fans perspective and despite any belief the club has in the future success of the ‘business’ being dependant on commercial success and bulging bank balances it is in fact the continued support of the fans, the true honest, loyal & working class fans who are left on their parents doorsteps by the Gunnersauraus as infants, the fans willing to part with money they work hard to earn and at times can not really afford to part with that hold the key to the club and it’s continuation and that will always be the case as long as they see the team perform on the pitch, improve and give us something to cheer about. At the moment sparse victories do not cover it…
Thanks for reading.

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