In off the first post

*originally posted on 5th April 2011

If you’re reading this (and many thanks if you are) you are most likely asking yourself – Who is this fool, setting up an Arsenal blog at the arse end of the season and in the duskiness of the last few days*

*If you are reading this at a later date then following the desiccating nature of the draw with Blackburn Rovers our season appears to be over and the lack of a trophy continues. The past few days have seen much introspection & debate as to the immediate and foreseeable future of the club, many of it’s players, staff and le boss himself by Arsenal fans.

Well the reasons for the Up The Arsenal Blog’s creation are these…

This is something I have wanted to do for a long while now but I have perhaps been too Arshavin about it until today.

The last few days have left me as bemused and befuddled as many fellow Gooners and it hasn’t felt good at all. I’m struggling to remember the last time I felt this flat about Arsenal and the truth is I don’t think I ever have done and basically I need to get back to feeling good about our great club.

And so in conjunction with my Twitter account I’m aiming to use this blog to share my thoughts & voice my opinions on everything Arsenal related, past present & future.

I won’t promise in depth tactical knowledge or pre & post match analysis, there are many more Arsenal Blogs which can provide that kind of service much better than I ever could and I may not always contribute posts daily, at least not at this initial stage. But…

I hope that as I progress this blog will be one you enjoy and look forward to reading, I hope that the future of Up The Arsenal will mirror that of both our club and our team – forever expanding & improving, and whilst I may not win any awards for the thoughts and memories I share with you here lets hope that silverware is not long from our grasp.

Up The Arsenal!

 NB – I’ll be posting a proper football related article in the days ahead…

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