Let the football do the talking for now

*Originally posted 7th April 2011

With eight league games & the best part of two months of football yet to be played it is in some ways amazing that there has been so little noise coming from the club this week.
Of course that is partly because there isn’t much that anyone can say that will lift the mood, is there?
We all know that the chances of us now winning the league are tiny, miniscule, lilliputian even, but mathematically it is still possible. True, it is no longer in our own hands, we’re reliant on United dropping points & therefore other clubs helping us out as well as winning all of our remaining games. So as I said it’s most unlikely but still not impossible.
I’m not saying that I think we will, but the fact is we still could and because of this it is maybe understandable why we’ve heard so little this week.
What can be said to appease us all?
How can you chastise the players without sapping any remaining sense of belief or confidence that may be lingering?
How can they come out and say they still believe they can win the league when that could come back to bite them in the arse and cause the current feeling and consensus to explode if they fail to deliver?
In reverse of the above what would be achieved by coming out and saying ‘Well that’s it we’ve blown it, it’s over’?
Even if that is what many seem to believe do we really want it said at this point?
Again, I’m not suggesting that this wall of silence is for the best but I am glad that further fuel has not been fed to the fire.
Questions enough will take place tomorrow when Wenger holds his pre match presser. The answers he gives will be dissected immediately by the online community and then the papers on Saturday.
Nothing can make up for the disgrace that was the performance against Blackburn, nothing anyone can say or do. Even winning the league would not wipe that lack of drive commitment and effort away.

Wenger must feel that performance is a stain on what he believes in and has tried to instil in the players and fans over recent years and to him I would assume it is a slap in the face from a group of players he has shown maybe more faith in then some have justified.

*That isn’t to say that a large slice of blame shouldn’t be laid at Wenger’s door.

All that can be done now is for the talk of belief, character et al, that we hear almost ad nauseum, to be stopped. For the players to go out in these remaining games and prove to us, the manager and themselves that they are capable of performing to their highest level, will not give up even if it is already as near as damn it to being over & for some that they have a future at the club.
It is the least any of us is owed and it is the least we expect.
Let us see this team that we’re told is full of leaders, fight and passion give everything it has now. United still have tough games and any slip in their form and loss of points coupled with any resurgence of our own form will apply pressure.
It may all amount to very little but it has to be done, failure to do so & running the risk of slipping a place or two down the table will create a situation and environment let alone a belief associated with the club, the players, the manager and the board, being far far worse than it is right now.
There is plenty of time for inquests, introspection and changes to be taken care of come the seasons end. Don’t get me wrong that needs to happen & I want it to happen, but at the correct time.
Tiny snippets of news and whispers to end with –
Emmanuel Frimpong talks of returning to action and wanting to push on 
Carl Jenkinson looks set to join us from Charlton
 And according to twitter reports  there is imminent board room level news expected in the coming days of which I won’t speculate upon just yet…
Until next time –
Up The Arsenal!

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