Oh oh oh Gervinho

Unless you’re familiar with ‘Oh oh oh it’s magic’ by ELO the above headline will mean nothing to you, but I’ve had it in my head most of the summer because for most of the summer we’ve been told ‘Arsenal are close to completing the signing of Gervinho’.

Great!, we thought, once the Ivorian with the Brazilian name & the massive forehead signs the flood gates will open and the array of new signings will be paraded one by one outside The Armoury in a kind of pageant whilst Arsene Wenger coolly leans against the wall smoking a Gauloises blondes with a real smug look on his face – The look would be saying “Hmmm look at you all now, look how you worship me the way you used to worship me. Look how you admire me with your eyes now that Bendtner, Almunia, Denilson, Vela & Eboue have been sold and in their place I have presented you with this collection of demigod footballers who will deliver you all the trophies you desire & I’ve done it all without actually spending any money. You poor simple fools who doubted me”

Sadly that hasn’t quite happened, in fact there was no real fanfare at all when the signing was finally announced by the boss during his first press conference of the Asian tour. Indeed when the official club site announced the deal it wasn’t even wrapped up – it was subject to a regulatory process whatever the hell that is?

As far I know that regulatory process hasn’t been completed as yet but Gervais Yao Kouassi the man they call Gervinho has been training at London Colney this week along with those who were not included in the squad to travel to Asia. That kind of suggests that he’ll be getting acquainted with a few players who could soon be moving on such as Almunia & Bendtner who are in talks with unnamed clubs. Of course Cesc is also at the training ground because that injury that stopped him travelling to the far east isn’t bad enough to stop him training which is odd because he spent his summer travelling all over the globe so I can’t quite understand how our Captain hasn’t gone along with the squad for what is essentially a money spinner of sorts.

Of course the whole Cesc/Barca debacle has dragged on during the summer and the Spaniards omission from the tour has done little as yet to quash the rumours/gossip.

We’re kicking off our first pre season game against an Malaysian XI this afternoon and unless you have access to Arsenal Player on a PC/MAC (*In the UK at least) you’ll have to wait a little over four hours after the game has finished to watch it on ESPN. With that in mind I’m attempting to undertake an internet blackout until then so as to avoid the score, it’s a shame as it would have been nice to see the game as live after such a slow & laborious football free summer.

But fear not, I’ll cover the main details of the game in tomorrows blog and I’ll leave you with the good news that now Up The Arsenal have moved to their new home we’ll be back on blogging duty from here on out. The summer of silence is over!

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!


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