The Friday round up

*Originally posted 22nd April 2011

Morning all!
There really isn’t much going on today in terms of real Arsenal news today which is slightly odd because Wenger carried out his pre match press conference, for Sunday’s game with Bolton, this morning.
After Wednesday night’s North London derby the players had a day off yesterday and the presser came before training had been carried out so the only update in terms of injuries or possible team line up for Sunday is that Abou Diaby has been ruled out with a calf strain and is also a doubt for the game against Manchester United on 1st May.
I’m sorry to say that this is fairly typical of Diaby, he came back into the side against Blackpool kept his place for the Liverpool and Tottenham games and was starting to play some good football. It must be so frustrating for the player, he works hard to get back into the side, starts to find form and then picks up an injury and has to start the whole process over again.
Aside from that the only thing worth mentioning seems to be Arsene’s suggestion that the squad doesn’t need much of an overhaul during the summer.
 The boss said –
“Our team is 23 years old, why should we have a huge turnover in the summer?”
This has come amid speculation in the press this morning that Wenger has £40m to play with this summer and will subsidise that further with income generated by a number of player sales.
I am surprised the press still play this game, after all the years the Frenchman has been in the job they should know by now that there is little to no point in trying to pre-empt what he’ll do and when. I think the majority of fans, pundits et al agree on what they think should be done and who they think is surplus to requirements but until the season is over and changes can actually be made it is all just pure speculation. But ok I was talking about hypothetical ins and outs in the pub last night with Big Dave Taylor, but in the pub that talk will stay thank you.
Wenger did also rubbish suggestions made by Petr Cech that the title race is now a two horse race between United & Chelsea. As the boss pointed out Chelsea’s currently have the same number of points as us so it seems rather odd that the Czech should suggest that Ancellotti’s side are very much in the mix whilst we’re out of it. Having said that it seems very odd to many people that Wenger is still suggesting that we can win the title, saying –
“If we win all of our five games, I believe that we will win the title”
You know what Arsene, maybe you’re right but it is also possible, as I calculated yesterday, that we, Chelsea’s and United could all finish on 79 points and it could all come down to goal difference which currently stands as –
Man Utd – 38
Chelsea – 34
Arsenal – 32
And really I guess that sums up the title race, whatever way you look at it not one of the three front runners have stolen a march on the other two at any point. Let’s see how that looks after this weekend’s games, who knows by the time we kick off against Bolton on Sunday that door could have been opened a jar again or indeed by the time the final whistle blows it could be well and truly shut, locked and bolted.
So until tomorrow, when we may well have a little more news, enjoy your Friday especially those of you in the UK enjoying the bank holiday sunshine, thank you for reading and as always any and all comments on any of the topics discussed in this post, previous posts, this blog or Arsenal in general are always much appreciated.
I see from the stats that there are plenty of you out there reading each day, which I very much appreciate, so it would be great to get a little ‘Up the Arsenal’ community going.
Thanks again & Up The Arsenal!

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