Traore’s hat & Emirates Cup News

*Originally posted 28th April 2011

Morning all,

Well the most exciting news to reach us this morning is the line up for this years Emirates Cup. New York Red Bulls, Boca Juniors & PSG will be competing with Arsenal in the now annual pre season pocket liner competition.

It’s nice to see that rather than just European opposition, as has been the standard of previous tournaments, we’ll be getting to see two clubs you wouldn’t normally expect to see in London and of course we’ll all be wanting to see a certain Monsieur Henry.

It’s been suggested that the Emirates airline have had more of a hand in picking the opposition this time around, with NYC & Buenos Aires being key destinations but as I said I’m quite happy with the variation whatever the reasoning.

The club have also announced that they have signed an extension with Emirates to sponsor the tournament until 2013.

So when I say that is the most exciting news, I actually mean that it is all the news really. So I’m going to wow you with this picture of Armand Traore’s personalised baseball cap…

I moved into a house a couple of years ago in North London and Armand had been the previous tenant. I have always been surprised that he never returned for his hat, especially when he went on loan to Juve. Surely he’ll have needed it in the hot Italian sun?

The Frenchman also left behind a picture of him and a group of (at the time) youth team players on a night out – I’ll get that scanned so I can wow you with it on another slow news day.

My wife was always disgusted by the fact that the left back could have had Danielle Lloyd in the house, I explained that Miss Lloyd had most likely spent at least a casual afternoon in most footballers homes, apparently that didn’t do anything to change her opinion of (Insert Footballers name) ex and she didn’t like the fact that I used to tell guests they would be sleeping in the ‘Danielle Lloyd Suite’.

So if anyone has a line to Armand, tell him we have now moved and if he want’s the cap back it’s going to cost him. *I am also open to offers from other bidders.

Even though we don’t play until Sunday Arsene is holding his pre match presser this afternoon, apparently due to the royal wedding!?

Are all the football journos going to be covering the big day then? Don’t know who’s report I’ll most look forward to, Martin Samuel or Paddy Barclay…

So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some real news for you and you won’t have to read anything like the drivel I have used as filler today.

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!


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