Make it stop, please make it stop

So far this summer I’ve tried not to discuss the Cesc saga too much in my posts, but I’m now at the point where I have gone far beyond fed up with the situation.

It seems that the Catalan club have actually only made one concrete offer of £26m, that in my eyes is incredibly laughable and disrespectful firstly to the player himself but more importantly our club and that’s where it stands for me – Our club is more important than Barcelona’s wants & desires and more important than Cesc Fabreagas.

I’m not going to waste time quoting Xavi, Rosell, Guardiola et al, their words are little more than irritation to me. Wenger, Gazidas & PHW have made our position quite clear so I’m not going to go quoting them either. The person I would like to hear from and be able to quote is Fabregas himself & I don’t mean any of the sitting on the fence patter he has given previously.

Now I’m not saying I want us to sell the Spaniard, I’m not suggesting we would be better off without him or anything of the kind but I am saying that if he really wants to stay he would come out and say so. It would be simple, all he would have to do is sit in front of the assembled press and say “I do not want to return to Barcelona, I want to remain at Arsenal and as such would ask Barca to end their futile chase. I ask my friends at the club to stop speaking on my behalf, these are the only words that matter – I want to stay at Arsenal

But we all know we’ll never hear that and we know why…  Cesc does want to return to Barcelona! Not in a few years, not one day in the future… Now.

And you know what, that’s ok with me (I’ve always thought he be off after Euro 2012 anyway). Maybe in these days of player power I’m a naïve old romantic but my opinion is – If you are not fully committed to the club then move on with our best wishes.

We hear a lot about how Cesc is as unwilling to say that he wants to leave as he is unwilling to say he wants to stay, this is apparently because of the respect he has for Arsene Wenger, the club & the fans. I appreciate that & respect it but I don’t think it is right any longer. There is no need for Cesc to go down the Modric road and release statements akin to that of a kidnapped child, that would be disrespectful to all those people at the club he respects but I see no harm in him saying “I want to return to Barcelona but I know and so do they that this can only happen if they meet Arsenal’s valuation of me

That I would respect because it is the complete truth. If the required bid still failed to materialise then Cesc would know how much Barca & his hero Pep Guardiola really want him, we’ll still respect him because he was honest, and hey come on we’ve always known he had the desire to return anyway.

I’m sure if  everyone laid their cards on the table & the deal didn’t come off then Cesc would continue to give the same amount of effort & commitment to the Arsenal as he always has done. If he wants to go and feels we’re denying him the opportunity then surely he is more likely to give less than 100%?

So again, I’m not saying I want to sell or that we should sell but it is time for Cesc to speak up as well as Barca paying up (As Arseblog says ‘Cough up or Cock off’)

In an ideal world he would truly want to stay no matter what but in an ideal world we would have this starting XI at the peak of their powers each time we play – Seaman -Dixon-Adams-Keown-Winterburn-Limpar-Vieira-Merson-Pires-Bergkamp-Henry (Well in my ideal world anyway)

The one thing I would remind Cesc is that a return to Barca means a return to the god awful Barnet!

Check out the guns on Jags

In other news it is reported that we’ve had a £12m bid for Phil Jaqielka rejected by Everton. According to Sam Wallace in the Independent  the former Sheffield United man remains Wengers first choice centre half and the player himself would reject any move to North London. We’re also being linked with Cahill, Samba & Dann still but I’m starting to get a feeling that we won’t see any of the defensive reinforcements we’ve been expecting, not unless one of our current centre halfs leave and who the hell is going to sign Squillaci?

Needs to visit Sagna's barber

It seems that Chelsea have made a bid for Anderlecht’s Romelu Lukaku – This is a player I really would like to see us sign. Strong, powerful & pacey, experienced enough to make an immediate impact, young enough to improve. Alas the Belgian is a big admirer of Didier Drogba and Chelsea & AVB most likely hold more of an attraction than us at the moment, that’s before you even get into money matters and as Mr Hobbs tweeted last night on that aspect of any potential bidding war “To be honest with our philosophy on spending we’d have been buggered if Blackpool had put in a bid”

Whats that you're lifting Sylv?

Lastly – Sylvain Wiltord has come out of retirement to sign a one year deal with fallen French giants Nantes at the age of 37. Good luck to him next season, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see how he gets on. Who will ever forget this!

Lastly, the site stats show that plenty of you have been visiting and reading of late so it would be great if we could get some discussion going in the comments section below each post.

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!


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