Friday round-up

Well today is a day of pure speculation really and in all honesty none of it very interesting, exciting or groundbreaking.

Lets start with the most absurd – The continued ‘alleged’ sightings of Franck Ribery in and around the grove.


Many of these sightings seem to have taken place in the Emirates car park which makes me wonder if Ivan Gazidas has some kind of Batcave down there, a secret sanctuary where he negotiates transfers. It also makes me wonder how many people are down in that car park at any given time & what the hell they’re doing there?

My guess is that it isn’t Franck Ribery, it’s the guy inside the Gunnersauraus suit, all hunched and scared like the Frenchman after so many years trapped inside the costume.

French International Footballer?

The shock signing of Ribery would certainly be classed as BIG, which might be enough to appease Steve Howard. What would appease me is the chance meeting of Mr Howard & the business end of a combine harvester.

There is no doubt that such a signing would certainly be welcome but to be honest I can’t see it happening.

Next up is the suggestion that we might be back in for Joel Campbell. DearArsenal broke the news last night that Mario Segura were reporting that we had offered the front man an improved deal of a higher wage & other improvements including, somewhat oddly, life insurance (Is that a standard contractual addition?)

There are no quotes as yet attributed to anyone who has anything to do with the deal so it could all be something or it could all be nothing – the player has also been heavily linked in recent days with Sevilla & Fiorentina, which makes you wonder about the supposed Man Utd interest?

The Daily Mail (Urgh) suggest that it will take a bid of £18m to prise Phil Jagielka away from Goodison – After the toffees fleeced City on the transfer of Lescott they expect to earn that from every sale of an Englishman (But hey who doesn’t these days) Everton are also in a position where they have absolutely no finances of their own so need to make as much money as possible from sales in order to be able to reinvest in their already threadbare squad.

If we’re supposedly unprepared to spend £17m on Gary Cahill I can’t see us stumping up £18 in straight cash for Jaqielka. I suggested on Twitter yesterday that we should offer them cash money, Sebastian Squillaci plus the season long loan of Nicklas Bendtner. Now I know that sounds a little bit like a Championship Manager type offer but not many would shed a tear at the departure of the French centre half & with no one seemingly 100% interested in Nick (Or it could be that he isn’t interested in those who have come in for him) it would allow him a season playing week in week out in his favoured position and would certainly put him in the shop window.

We get the player we want (or rather that Arsene wants) Everton get a ready-made replacement *he-he, cash on the hip & a seasons work out of a decent Premier League striker (Yes I think he is actually!)

The last part of our speculation special concerns Cesc *Yawn…

Unsurprisingly he is not expected to travel with the squad to Germany for tomorrows friendly against Cologne. Barcelona reps may or may not have been in Ivan’s Batcave yesterday ( I would be surprised if they were considering the Spanish club were busy wrapping up the signing of Alexis Sanchez) but have still to make a bona fide offer.

Who knows, maybe Cesc is on strike after all but coupled with the vow of silence he seems to have undertaken he is unable to tell anybody?

That is about that for today, except that Patrick Vieira has been telling the Mail (Them again ‘eh) that we’re just not tough enough these days. Cheers Paddy! I look forward to you telling us tomorrow that water is wet…

Can you tell I’m fed up today?

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!



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