Boo Who?


Well the Emirates cup came & went this weekend and what do we have to show for it?

A few positives certainly, which I’ll come to shortly, but on the whole not great deal but then it’s just another couple of meaningless pre season friendlies right? Well judging by the reaction of the crowd at the end of the game yesterday you would have thought it was much more than that.

We know that last season ended badly, very very badly, that in the final games both home & away there was a lot of anger projected towards the management, the players, the board, the club as a whole. The reasons for this ire are well known & documented so there is no reason to go into that here, just as there was no reason for that ill feeling to be projected again after a couple of disappointing draws in a pre season tournament that holds little to no value.

Over the course of the weekend I’ve seen people criticise the lack of atmosphere in the ground & the Mexican waves & I’ve heard people defend those accusations by pointing out that it’s a family day out, a chance to introduce kids to live football (as opposed to watching on the telly) and most importantly to the Arsenal. I completely agree with that, these Junior Gunners are the future of the club in terms of support & who knows there may have just been a Charlie George or Jack Wilshere in the crowd, it’s important that these kids get integrated into the club. What these youngsters shouldn’t be getting accustomed to is booing their team off the pitch, especially when the game & result were so utterly meaningless.

You pay your money to go to see your team play & yes that gives you a right to express your opinion but who needs counterproductive opinions? What did the booing achieve yesterday, what/who were people even booing? Kyle Bartley? I hope not, the late NYRB equaliser may have been turned into the net by the lad but it was by no means his mistake which lead to the goal. Were Wenger & Gazidas being booed for not spending millions of pounds in transfer fees this summer? Was it just the fact that from being in winning positions so late on in both games this weekend we threw those leads away & didn’t get to parade around the ground with the trophy at the games end? Maybe everyone was a bit miffed that ref wouldn’t allow Henry to play the last five minutes of the game in the red & White of the Arsenal…

Whatever people’s individual reasons were yesterday I just don’t think it was right. There is too much ill feeling and bad blood going about so close to the start of the new season. I agree that it is frustrating that the team hasn’t been strengthened as much as we would like & all know it needs to be, that the same old failings are rearing their heads & that the Cesc situation is still unresolved but this is our team & our club and as supporters we are there to support – if we just wanted people to turn up and criticise we would sell tickets to Spuds.

As I said at the start, there were certainly positives to be taken away –


Gervinho continues to impress, both on & off the ball he keeps working & he looks like he has the industriousness that we are so often missing in spades.


Emmanuel Frimpong – I know that many feel we need tried & tested cover for Alex Song & the young Ghanaian is too raw but he has natural ability & could make a big impact this season in my opinion. The lad is built like a tank and really wants to make up for lost time after the disappointment of missing the lions share of last season due to injury. He loves the club & like Jack Wilshere has a natural desire to make a career at the grove, similarly Benik Afobe has that too. After impressing at Huddersfield last year it looks like he may get a chance to follow in the footsteps of Frimmers & Jack, his performance yesterday would certainly have enhanced that chance.

Afobe replaces Jack

Tommy Rosicky looks refreshed & ready to have one last crack at making his time at the club more than the butt of injury related jokes & rumours. I know many have stated he should be shipped out this summer but as I’ve said before we don’t have many players with his experience & if the Czech international can finally add fitness & form to that then he’ll be integral this season.

Like Tommy Andrey Arshavin seems to have renewed verve & vigour this summer. I remember that from as early as the opening weekend last year the Russian was discussing his lack of form & fitness before a ball had even been kicked. Again it has been suggested that he would be off this summer but he may just surprise us all and showcase the talent we know he has this term.

Traore & Gibbs both gave good accounts of themselves and at this moment in time I couldn’t pick between them but suspect that come August 13th Wenger will pick the Englishman.

Jack Wilshere went off early with an ankle problem yesterday but we’re told it is only precautionary and there is no risk of him missing that clash at St James’ on the opening day, however he is unlikely to play any part in England’s upcoming friendly. I suspect that none of us are too disappointed.


Yesterday was most likely the last time we’ll see Thierry Henry grace the Emirates turf, and it was frustrating to see him operating for long periods of the game all alone up front with no support & no service. My wife doesn’t pay a great deal of attention to football the majority of the time, which is surprising considering how often it is on in our house, and it seems that she was unaware that the Frenchman was now seeing out his playing days in the states & was for some reason quite disappointed by the legends choice of club saying “Seriously, New York Red Bulls? That’s embarrassing, he may as well play for Gregs the bakers”. You just can’t argue with that to be honest!

So we’ve now got a whole week of the Barca/Cesc debacle before our final warm up for the new season against Benfica. Hopefully we’ll have some new signings by then and all the boo boys will be happy… Well a man can dream can’t he?

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!


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