What’s the Mata you?

Joining or not joining?

We really are at that stage of the transfer window when every man and his dog have exclusive knowledge of a projected transfer, so much so that in some cases you have three or four different sources all supplying different info and claiming that it is gospel.

I’ve no doubt that many journos have their tipsters & inside men at clubs, and of course players agents are surely very willing to pick up a phone, spill all their secrets & end the confession with the words “You didn’t get this from me right!” before being absolved of all blame & told to say three our fathers & six hail Mary’s before clambering atop their money stuffed mattresses for a sound nights sleep.

Now many people will have discussed their loathing for transfer speculation over the course of the summer & many will have been determined not to buy into any of it, if only it were that simple. I quite enjoy the early summer gossip mongering because names, it seems, are literally pulled out of nowhere – well actually it’s most likely the latest edition of the Football Manager data base. But it’s at this stage of the window that I get the most frustrated because by this point most clubs really have identified their targets and unless they’re a certain twitcher from down the shit end of the Seven Sisters road then most managers will attempt to do business discreetly & quietly behind the scenes, not on the phone to TalkShite & Sky Sports News or indeed anyone with a live feed to a media outlet.

So clubs make bids for players, they receive bids for other players and they attempt to compile a squad that will hopefully meet their targets for the new season, at the very least. Of course names of clubs, players etc are all going to slip out it’s just the way that it works but this is when some people take it upon themselves to profess that they are the only ones who really know whats going on. They can, and often do, raise & dash our hopes within a matter of hours, they can help turn fan impatience into anger & doubt into fear.

A case in point is Juan Mata. Now depending on which blogs, websites, newspapers, radio stations & news channels you read/watch/listen to you are either expecting the imminent signing of the Spaniard or you are walking around demanding the heads of Wenger & Gazidas on pikes along the Ken Friar foot bridge because in the last few days we have been told that terms have been agreed with player & club, talks have not yet begun with either player or club, the fee has dramatically increased due the expiration of certain clauses in the players contract or maybe that there will be no move for the player at all.

The story currently holding water & getting gooners up in arms is that we had a deal in place to sign the Spanish U21 international for around £22m but we failed to stump up the money & subsequently a deadline passed which put the players buy out clause up to somewhere nearer the £60m mark. I am not buying into this one! Firstly that story comes from a Spanish football “expert” who whores  himself about as much as dirty ‘money’ ‘arry, he apparently had no knowledge of this deadline when he was claiming the deal was all but done or if he did he was saving that up in the hope that he could grab a few more minutes of airtime on SSN if the deal failed to materialise – low and behold the signing wasn’t made and good old t*at face could exclaim unrivalled knowledge & wisdom once again, how fortuitous for him.

Making it up?

Nope sorry not having that, if I’m proved wrong I’ll hold may hands up and doth may cap to him but until then it’s a no from me. My own suspicion is that a deal in principal has been struck between the clubs & that the player himself is unopposed to joining us but Arsenal are stalling for one of three reasons –

 A – We’re waiting to see if Barca stump up the cash money for Cesc, if they do and el Capitan moves back to Catalonia then Mata heads to London.

2 – Similar to above really but this time we’re maybe holding out until Man City cough up £22m to take Samir Nasri to the United Stadium in the next few days (as is being reported)

C – Until we’re assured of a place in the group stages of the Champions League we won’t be spending what would most likely be a club record transfer fee.

Now I could be well off the pace there because, yes I hold my hands up and admit it, I have no insider info on any of the above or any of the other transfer stories relating to our club that are currently doing the rounds. However I don’t think it takes a genius or a wire tap to Ivan’s bat cave to assume that at least one of those three options is the raison le plus susceptible for any delay.

Until it’s announced by the club & published via Arsenal.com (which is admittedly usually about two days after everyone knows anyway) then I’m not getting sucked into any conspiracy which suggests that we’re just fannying around and not pushing through deals. I just find it hard to believe that we would constantly be willing to spend a great deal of time agreeing deals & then not complete. Or maybe in their spare time Arsene & Ivan go looking at houses agree a price with the seller and then just walk away with wry smiles while checking out their next victim via rightmove.com.

We shall see what today brings I guess.

Other stories doing the rounds are –

We’ve more than a passing interest in newly free agent Joey Barton. The signing of young Joseph isn’t overly appealing to me I’ll be honest, but this is mainly because I don’t like the little rat faced git, but from a footballing perspective I can see how he could do a job for us & on many opponents. His place in the starting XI would certainly make the Emirates a less appealing place for teams to visit.

Secondly, Tony Pulis has apparently been making admiring glances in the direction of Nicklas Bendtner. The type of football they play at Stoke would certainly suit the Danes game but even those gooners who have been demanding his departure since, well forever, wouldn’t wish that on the lad. Not that I can see Nik agreeing to a move to the Britannia, unless he is prepared to use regular first team football as a stepping stone to a bigger move.

Lastly for today, there are suggestions that we are set to sign both Phil Jagielka & Gary Cahill this week. According to “sources” bookies have stopped taking bets on Jags moving south, like anyone trusts a bookie right! And according to someone on Twitter, who was in a lift with Cahill, the Bolton centre half would only say “Lets see what happens next week” or words to the effect.

So there we go, it all comes back to those rumours, whispers & insider info – Never to be ruled out but certainly not to be considered a certainty either.

Thanks for reading.

Up The Arsenal!


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