Internationals return as Cesc prepares to depart

Last night we had ten players on international duty or as we’ve come to know it ‘Get crocked just before the start of the season duty‘, by all accounts some of the players tried their best to stick to the script whilst others had the indignity to come away without so much as a runny nose. Here’s a brief breakdown –

Aaron Ramsey: The Welsh captain played the first 45 minutes against Australia in Cardiff, his withdrawal at half time appears to have been a precautionary measure & Rambo said after the game that he expects to be fit for our game at Sarah Jessica Parker. I guess it goes to prove that Tony Pulis has not power nor influence when it comes to the Welsh set up, if he had surely he would have had Aaron slapped about a bit by a couple of knuckleheads and then claimed “they just aren’t that type of hooligan”.


Gervinho: The man with the forehead that would have been perfect for Mallets Mallet was the star of the show for Ivory Coast as they beat Israel 4-3 in Geneva. After two assists he was withdrawn in the 88th minute apparently unscathed which makes me wonder if all football matches should be played in the land of neutrality.

Why let Eboue do your hair?

Bacary Sagna: The worlds best right back saw out 80 minutes of the 1-1 draw with Chile & was then withdrawn as he has to colour his hair before Saturday. There was a cheese eating surrender monkey, whose wages we pay, also appearing for France. He played 70 minutes & then went off to have a chat with Laurent Blanc & Patrice Evra about Manchester. He’ll disappoint them when he joins City, reportedly later today, we know how that feels.

Wojciech Szczesny: Our undisputed number one completed the full ninety & kept a clean sheet in Poland’s 1-0 win over Georgia. I’m off to a Polish wedding on the day of the Liverpool home game where the good news is there will be bottles of Vodka on the tables, the bad news is the ceremony takes place during the actual game. The groom is a scouser, well he is from Leeds but supports Liverpool (I don’t get it either), & the bride is a big Wolves fan. They even sent out invites that are like match day tickets. That’s nice but what they should have been doing is making sure they didn’t get married on the second weekend of the football season. You can see that the Vodka will be needed, even more so if the game is anything like the seven hour saga at the grove last season.

Johan Djourou: The Swiss centre half, his team mates & the Leichtensteinian opposition were afforded the same amnesty from any physical contact as befell the Ivorian’s & Israelis. That means he left the field in full working order after 60 minutes as the cuckoo clock makers won 2-1.

I wish to be big like real boy

Andrey Arshavin: After his constant struggle for fitness & form throughout the previous season it had been encouraging that during our pre season preparations the diminutive Russian had looked like the player we know he is rather than the lazy so & so we got last term. So of course he had to go & cause a mild panic by being withdrawn after only half an hour of Russia’s 1-0 victory over Serbia. Thankfully it was only due to a bump on the head and after the game the little scamp told Russian state television “It only head, I have more power in left foot like sturgeon in big river. I play on weekend against Geordie, although I no understand when they speak”

I am unbreakable!

Tomas Rosicky: Now if we’re honest if there was one player we would have been expecting to hear had been injured it’s Tommy but miraculously he completed 67 minutes and walked from the field unaided as the Czechs bounced to a 3-0 defeat in Oslo.

Who am I, where am I from?

Armand Traore: Now as you know I once lived in a house where the previous tenant had been the young left back & he had been none too thorough in his cleaning up before he left, none of the items left behind suggested that he was Senegalese. However last night Armand, who has represented the country of his birth, France, at U19 & U21 level made his international debut for Senegal in a game against Morocco, unfortunately the Moroccans won 0-2. (NB: He also wrote ‘close the windows’ in French, with an indelible pen on a white board, D’oh!)

Nicklas Bendtner: The want away big Dane got a 60 minute run out against Scotland, surely invaluable game time for the striker as he hasn’t had a look in at the Arsenal during pre season. Whoever he’ll be playing for this season will be pleased to know that he also came away with no apparent injury to either body nor ego.

So it seems that we’ve picked up no fresh injuries, but until all the above have returned to the club & a clean bill of health is reported its still very much fingers crossed.

Yes yes, bye Cesc...

In other news it really is starting to look as if Cesc will finally get his move to Barcelona. There are a lot of different stories doing the rounds regarding the fee, add on’s & how & when the money will be paid. One thing is looking increasingly certain, we’re not going to be getting the full £40m we’ve seemingly been holding out for.

Now that is incredibly irritating and it does seem like we are letting our best player & captain leave on the cheap but on the other hand it’s all gone on long enough and it appears that Cesc is unwilling to play for us again so it really would be cutting our nose of to spite our face just holding on to him and watching his value decrease further.

I have to say that I am incredibly disappointed in the way he has behaved this summer, he should have enough respect for the club & the fans to have been willing to put a shift in like every other player during pre season. There are many who have & continue to knock Nicklas Bendtner, even I had a little dig earlier, but you have to give the lad credit when he complained the other day about the lack of playing time he has been afforded in the close season due to his desired move. Of course you can argue that it is only right not to play a player who wants to leave, for one you may not want that kind of ‘disloyalty’ in the side but mainly you don’t want to risk the player picking up an injury which subsequently puts paid to any move and the transfer fee we may get from it. But Nick has never hidden his desire to leave, just as he has never hidden his desire to play for the club and despite what anyone might think of the guy as a person and as a footballer you can not question his professionalism.

That is all in stark contrast to Cesc this summer in my view. I’m unsure how much truth, if any, there is in the so-called injuries he has been suffering. Yes he would have been slatted had he come out & said ‘I want to go’ but at least it would have been something. The continued silence he has persisted with has achieved the same result hasn’t it?

I look like Peter Andre yes?

That said, I see no reason to abuse the guy. We’ve all been well aware that this was coming and those who are saying we should keep him are deluding themselves, whatever the players opinion of the club and all that has been since he arrived as a sixteen year old unknown with a dodgy barnet the sad truth is he doesn’t want to play for us any more. He would rather return to Spain and set on a bench watching the plethora of players Barca have in their ranks getting a game ahead of him.

I guess that until Arsenal announce that he is gone there is hope to hold on to but personally I don’t see the point. In spirit he was gone a long time ago so the body may as well follow.

Thanks for reading.


Up The Arsenal!


6 Responses to Internationals return as Cesc prepares to depart

  1. FinchleyGooner says:

    Selling FAB for anything less then £50m quid he is worth is a joke. Hw we gona win something if we let our best players leave? Clichy Nasri Fabregas who next Vermaelan?
    Someone needs to sort this club out and it aint gona be Wenger

  2. bigdavetaylor says:

    Although I sort of agree with FG, the problem is that Cesc is only worth what someone is willing to pay for him. The fact he only wants to go to Barcelona has put off interest from other clubs. My only regret about Gael leaving is that we’re not replacing him (I would’ve liked Luis Enrique)! Still we need to strengthen this team.

  3. FinchleyGooner says:

    BDT agree but then what is point of contracts they should help dictate players value ie longer contract higher fee? Why FAB sign long deals for money that no he says he dosent want, pointless.

  4. Paul says:

    Players sign contracts for a number of reasons, look at Samba at Blackburn. He wanted to leave in Winter window then signed 5 year deal now seems to want to leave again. All linked to bonuses, cover against long term injury etc way before any consideration is given to what the club get from it.

  5. Darren Hobbs says:

    I feel that contracts are too heavily weighted in the favour of the player. In fact I relish the day that I hear Mr Bosman has been shot dead by a corrupt FIFA official demanding payment to let him come up with another stupid idea!

    I think there should be a “reverse Bosman” that clubs can use. For example, in the final year of a player’s contract the club is constantly held over the preverbial barrel by players demanding a doubling of their salary or they’ll walk for free. Maybe a new rule that clubs can say to players in the final year “sign a new deal or we half your salary for the final year to recoup what we will lose by you going for free!”. You see how Many players will let contracts run into the final year then!!

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