Was Wenger’s presser so bad?

Morning all!

I decided to leave writing today’s post until after Arsene Winger’s pre match press conference, I thought it may provide a tad more info which could then be discussed.

I'll piss them all off today, hahahaha

The long and the short of it is that Wenger was in typical Wenger mode, giving nothing away & batting every question back in the direction from which it came. Defending everything the club has & hasn’t done, talking about commitment & generally giving those kinds of answers which get a lot of supporters up in arms.

Did anyone really expect anything else?

I think sometimes it is important to remember that these sessions with the press have to be given, he can’t just say ‘No, I’m not doing it. They’ll just ask me a load of questions I’m not going to answer in the way they want me to’.

Here are a selection of the quotes that have got proverbial knickers in twists this morning –

“We are full of confidence, ambition & desire to do well”

“I expect no one to leave the club. At the moment there is no news”

“The message we want to give is to have a fully committed team on the pitch. The players not on the pitch can not give that”

“What is important is the players who play give 100%”

“Manchester United let Ronaldo go. Do you think they are not a big club?”

“I have not been disappointed by Samir Nasri & Cesc Fabregas they have been professional”

“Fabregas not in the squad. Nasri certainly not – he has had a sickness, no other issues”

“Cesc is not injured, he’s not match fit – I don’t want to go any deeper than that”

“At this moment we have too big a squad.. We are not short of players”

For the most part I think he was being rather coy and intentionally obstructive. There are no real surprises in anything that he has said. We could sit here analysing those quotes and picking every single one apart, but really what is the point? Oh yes that’s right, giving you reason to read this blog… ok, so…

Are we expecting the departures of Fabregas & Nasri? Yes, so no surprises they’re not in the squad for tomorrow. Hell they may not even be at the club tomorrow.

But then why doesn’t he say that? Why does he have to? Cesc hasn’t played since television was in black & white so what use would he be. Nasri is just a mardy little merde who quite honestly would be unlikely to put a shift in anyway, the most we could expect is that he’ll claim every seat on the team bus thus forcing everyone else to stand up for the entire journey (I know they’re probably flying up, switch ‘bus’ with ‘plane’ if it means that much to you)

Naughty boys

Why did he say he isn’t disappointed in Cesc & Samir? I’m sure he is & I’m sure they know he is. Revealing that shame to the world changes nothing & it isn’t the Wenger way. He wouldn’t chastise Gallas in public what are the chances of him criticising these two?

Why say he expects ‘no one’ to leave the club? This is typical Wenger speak, translated, he means ‘I never have an expectation that anyone would want to leave‘, now at worst that is sheer naivety but what do we expect, that he just goes round clinging to players ankles and sobbing ‘Never leave me, promise you’ll never leave me’? It is a cold hard fact of football these days that when a player wants to go, in the most part he goes. We don’t like it but that’s the way it is. Personally I don’t want anyone at the club who doesn’t want to be there, the club is better than that.

What is this big squad he talks of? Again Wenger-bable, he’ll never suggest that the squad/players he has at his disposal are not good enough or that there are not enough of them. He just doesn’t do it. And as for saying it is currently ‘too big‘ maybe he just meant in the sense that we currently (that is at this moment in time) have a raft of players who are still expected to leave the club, Cesc, Nasri, Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia. Maybe that was Wenger slyly suggesting that exit’s are in the offing?

Maybe I am the one being completely naïve about it all but having watched the presser a couple of times over now it looks like Wenger had more fun doing it then he did on that water slide!

Mr Burn's body double

I totally understand why all the above is so frustrating to so many people but it’s just the way he is. There was a time  when we respected that. I have to say that personally whilst I think that Wenger may be on the precipice he is still the best person to lead us this season. After this season? I’m not so sure, but then again who replaces him & what are the credentials they have which make them a better man for the job?

There was of course some team news for tomorrow, yes that’s right there is real football to be played which will be a welcome break from just talking about it. On this point Le Gaffer was a little more generous & truthful with his answers.

Jack is out & is struggling to be fit for the Udinese game on Tuesday.

Oww... Hurty times

Abou Diaby is also out & not expected back until late September. *Someone remind me again why we didn’t take that £10m offer?

Tommy Vermaelan & Theo Walcott are back in the squad while Kieran Gibbs & RVP are expected to be available. *That is quite good news considering Robin has been named as captain for the game.

New signing AOC also goes straight into the squad but Ryo misses out as the paper work relating to his work permit isn’t yet finalised & is unlikely to be by Tuesday.

It might sound crazy but I’m still excited about the game tomorrow & the return of competitive football, what irks me the most is that I’m unable to travel up to Newcastle & watch the game with Big Dave & Mr Hobbs & the other 3000 Gooners heading North. I hope hat none of the angst people are feeling towards the manager & the board etc spills over & has an adverse effect on that support. The team on the pitch need their backing & I’m sure they’ll get it as our away fans are the best there is, best there was and the best there ever will be (Felt it appropriate to add some old school WWF reference there for some reason)

Hopefully there will be some movement with in’s & out’s today which we can discuss tomorrow along with a full pre match preview.

We need a snood STAT!

One last thing that may cheers us all up is that FIFA have banned the snood so when Nasri is all cold & shivering up in the north this winter and suffering from that back problem he’ll be screwed!

Thanks for reading.




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