Real football is back

At last, at bloody last real actual proper competitive football is back. No more meaningless friendlies, public training sessions or money spinning tours.

Reasons to be excited

It seems like a life time ago that we actually played a game that had any real meaning or semblance to it, perhaps this is partly down to our inglorious end to last season and the string of pathetic performances & results which contributed to it. It certainly left a bitter taste in the mouth of many a gooner.

Sadly after what should have been a three month cooling off period many of those same fans still feel that the issues which forced our collapse & engaged their ire still haven’t been addressed and after yesterday’s press conference their rage has again become enflamed – perhaps understandably.

Another new Gooner

I’m not sure that the signing of Joel Campbell will have gone any way to appeasing anyone but it’s a signing that the club were obviously prepared to pursue after it had formerly looked dead in the water after the player & his representatives had failed to attend a meeting with Arsenal man Richard Law. But on a day when Arsene Wenger dicked the press about by claiming that no players were expected to leave the club eventhough Barcelona & the Spanish press were claiming that the deal for Cesc’s return to Catalonia was done & done, the signing of the young Costa Rican was completed.

Actually is kind of wasn’t completed it was sort of announced that it was set to be completed but I think now it may have been completed?

It’s unlikely that Campbell will be eligible for a work permit meaning he’ll have to go through the same steps as Ryo and attempt to be officially classed as an ‘exceptional talent’, it remains to be seen if the FA will oblige us twice in quick succession. If unsuccessful in those attempts then I imagine that the youngster will travel that well worn path which leads to a loan period in Europe for a season or two.

Back to today’s game and taking into account who we have available I imagine that we may field a line up something looking like this –

Szczesny – Sagna – Djourou – Vermaelen – Gibbs – Song – Ramsey – Rosicky – Gervinho – van Persie – Walcott

Maybe not quite as strong a side as you would like to see on the opening day but certainly the strongest readily available and with enough to see of the threat of Alan Pardew’s side & start the campaign with three points.

Unlikely to sign for the Arsenal

I’m far too excited about actual proper real football to waste time discussing pointless transfer rumours (See the picture) but I would recommend reading Sam Wallace’s article on Wenger in today’s independent.

Here is hoping & praying for three points today.

Hope for reading.



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