Banking the Sheikh’s money

I love money

So it looks like Samir Nasri is edging closer to his move to the cash haven of Manchester City’s United Stadium, sources tell me that the Frenchman’s first choice was a move to Mysterious Cities of Gold FC until he realised he would be expected to make personal sacrifices. (If you’ve no scope for ’80’s cartoons you won’t have a clue what I’m on about, but I can hear Dave chuckling in a hotel room in Exeter)

Not sure about the MCG FC kit

If early reports are to be believed we’re set to receive a £25m transfer fee, now considering that only three years ago we paid Marseille somewhere in the region of about £13m or so, to be getting what would represent (roughly) a £12m profit on a player who only has twelve months left on his contract and could go for zilch this time next year is actually not a bad bit of business.

It also means the we’ve received around £32m from City this summer, once this deal is complete & you take into account the £7m we got for Gael Clichy that is. We don’t do too badly out of the Sheikh do we, £32m this summer about £40m from the sales of Kolo & Adebayor a couple of years ago.

We made a mistake didn't we Kolo?

It’s funny because you often hear that when a player is surplus to requirements at City, which is about every two weeks I think, they won’t then sell said player to a title rival (You know teams they see as unimportant, Given to Villa, Ade to Spurs that kind of thing) but they’re lining our pockets with enough money to sign two Sergio Aguero’s so either they don’t see us as a threat to their bid for world domination or they sign the cheques safe in the knowledge that we’ll never spend any of the cash anyway….

I’m not going to do calculations of how much we had at the start of the window, how much we’ve spent, how much we’ve received & how much that means we should have now, people with a much better head for mathematical equations than I have been doing that already. What I will do is surmise that we have plenty of money to spend.

Over the course of the summer there have been suggestions that we’ll sign players on or around certain dates, remember July 1st? The magic day of transfer activity is now rumoured to potentially be next Thursday. Why next Thursday? Because if we get past Udinese in the return leg in Udine next Wednesday night & into the lucrative Champions League group stage we’ll be safe in the knowledge that we’ll have a minimum of £25m coming our way meaning we can afford to spend a little of this money we’ve been acquiring. The suggestion is that we’ll also then be able to stand a better chance of attracting a higher calibre of player because we’ll be able to offer top-level European football as opposed to the Europa League.

So cross your fingers that this time next week we’ll be flooding to the grove to welcome a plethora of world-class talent, but whatever you do don’t hold your breath!

I see that journalistic sensationalism is live and well with many media outlets making a song and dance that Cesc has been at Barcelona for all of five minutes & has already won a trophy. I can only class that as utterly pathetic, it’s nothing more than the press’ attempt to stir the pot. The Spanish Super Cup is the equivalent of the Community Shield and if the two-leg contest wasn’t incidentally an El Clasico we wouldn’t even hear much about it.

Merh, it's a Mickey Mouse trophy anyway

Cesc won the FA version with the Arsenal back in 2004 but I doubt you’ll read that in many of the articles justifying his decision to leave whilst also proclaiming our pitiful demise.

To be honest unless we’re playing them I don’t really give a tiny little rats arse what Barca or any other club do.

Talking of journalistic sensationalism, the Evening Standards Dan Jones wrote this piece yesterday & upon reading it on the train last night I was shocked to see him refer to the Vermaelen –  Koscielny centre back pairing as “Thomas Vermaelen & Laurent Koscielny are defending with all the authority of two traffic wardens trying to prevent a JD Sports looting”

As you may have read in yesterdays post I see a hell of a lot of promise in that pairing and certainly don’t consider it to be some sort of Laurel & Hardy double act.

So I promptly contacted Dan via Twitter to acknowledge this fact, after a couple of tweets each way the frost melted & I guess we agreed to disagree and respect each others opinions on the matter. Dan was also then good enough to take the time to read this blog & in particular yesterdays post and it was very heartening to have some positive feed back from him on its merits & quality even if it still didn’t bring him round to my way of thinking with regard to Tommy & Kozzer.

Right that’s me done for now, of course I’ll be Tweeting throughout the day so keep your eyes on that & I’ll be back tomorrow morning with a look ahead to the Liverpool game and also explaining how I intend to do some guerrilla style blogging over the weekend.

Thanks for reading!



4 Responses to Banking the Sheikh’s money

  1. bigdavetaylor says:

    Where does Samir fit into City’s team? A player on over £7.5 million a year will be missing out. Leads to an unhappy dressing room!

    Oh and by the way………….

    • Paul says:

      Who knows? I understand why players go there to a point (money aside) but do footballers not want to play football & stay at a club long enough to leave a real lasting impression?

      Quality video, they don’t make ’em like that anymore!

  2. bigdavetaylor says:

    To be honest, if I heard he went there for no more money than we were offering in the new negotiations I wouldn’t be surprised. I know (as a gooner) it’s hard to admit, but his chance of silverware is more up there at the moment.

    Still, he could have signed a contract last season with an agreed buyout clause, we then could’ve charged more. That way, everyone’s a winner!

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