Give us a goodbye present Samir

Good morning from sunny (it’s raining) Backwatersville where this blog is being streamed onto the websphere via little more than six paper clips, a hideously shitty Wi-Fi connection & an old sticking plaster – but hey, if them’s the only tools I’ve got at my disposal then I’m going to have to make the best of them right?

Well that is much like the Arsenal today, depleted and being held together by good hope (You wouldn’t believe this is the first Premier League home game of the new season would you?), good hope that is going to have to extend a little further than some of you may like this lunchtime – in the direction of Samir Nasri.

It seems impossible to suggest the Frenchman won’t play against Liverpool, even if it seems impossible to suggest that the Frenchman will play against Liverpool today. We’re so low on numbers & with Tommy Rosicky having to be ‘rested’ a week into the new season who else do we put out in a game of huge significance?

Now is not the time for questioning our current transfer policy because this game is too important to be bogged down in any of that stuff – but once the game is over we may have to seriously start looking at why we need to field a player we know is going to be moving to Man City in the coming days against a side who compared to this time last year are a completely different animal.

But play Samir most likely will, if not from the start then most certainly coming off the bench (unless by some miracle we’re 7-0 up after 48 minutes) at some point & that means we’re going to have to get behind him like we will the rest of our players today – yeah he’ll sod off in search of that pot of eastern gold any day but what is important right now is that he leaves the club in a decent position, with four premier league points on the board.

How committed he is to doing that we’ll see from his performance on the pitch, will he go in for a 50-50 ball with Jamie Carragher & risk injury and ultimately that move to City? We just don’t know but the fact that he seems willing to play for the club who currently pay him (it’s a crazy notion I know) and not refuse or claim to be suffering from a mysterious injury makes him seem just a tad more likeable this morning & if he gets us three points he’ll be a tad more likeable this afternoon too.

In many ways this is a slight stab in the dark but I think our starting XI may look something like this – Szczesny – Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Jenkinson – Frimpong – Ramsey – Nasri – Arshavin – van Persie – Walcott

Not the best side we could put out if everyone was available but also not quite as bad as we feared it may have been & I’m sure whichever team steps onto the pitch today will be led admirably by Robin Van Persie who will be leading the team as the captain (proper) for the first time today.

As you most likely know, due to a touch of poor planning on the part of a Liverpool fan from Leeds, who is getting married in wherever the hell I am today, I’ll only be watching the first 45 this lunchtime but I’m hoping that that 45 minutes will be the worst of the grooms day.

Dave will be bringing you the match report tomorrow & I’ll be back on Monday (Along with links & pictures)

Thanks for reading, here’s to three points!



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