UEFAing a laugh

Morning all,

This is going to have to be a very brief post today looking at the various snippets of news.

Don't pick up Arsene

UEFA, in their infinite wisdom, have handed Arsene Wenger a two match ban & £8,742 fine for ‘Improper Conduct’.

Poor hearing is a bookable offence

The charges relate to the first leg of our Champions League play off against Udinese last week, a game for which Arsene was already banned from having any contact with his players, the dressing room & the technical area. This ban had been imposed because le boss had questioned the decision by Swiss referee Massimo Busacca to send off Robin Van Persie in our second leg tie against Barcelona at Camp Nou last season.

During the clash with the Italians last week Wenger watched the match from the directors box alongside first team coach Boro Primorac. Throughout the first half Wenger appeared to give instructions to Boro who in turn would call down to the Arsenal bench & relay the message to a member of staff who would then inform Pat Rice of the gaffers wishes.

Should have tried telepathy

Wenger & Arsenal claim the prior to the game they had been assured by a UEFA delegate that this was acceptable & would not breach the terms of the ban. By half time the European governing body were adamant that no such agreement had been made & that Wenger was in breach of the restrictions placed on him by the ban.

Now for all his faults Wenger is an intelligent man, I can not see that he would have so blatantly disregarded the rules & risked further punishment, also I’m sure that had this conversation with a UEFA rep taken place that a club official would have also been present. But that said, if these reassurances we’re given why has the club not fought its corner with a little more venom, why have they not produced any evidence (or at least made suggestion of said evidences existence) or named the official who gave the plan the go ahead?

Whatever went on that night it is clear that this is little more than petty bureaucratic point scoring by UEFA & they’ll take any action they can against Wenger, especially after he choose not to speak to the media after the game which is a UEFA requirement. Maybe that was petty on his part, but at the same time I was really pleased that Wenger keep his council. He is always so readily available to the media that his point was greatly enforced and many members of the written sports press are aware of how pointless & vindictive this is by Platini’s men.

Wenger should be the poster boy for Platini’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ model but the compatriots are far from friends and Michel will be enjoying the fact he is causing further disruption to our already disappointing start to the season.

Chicken on a basketball, brilliant

I’m pretty sure that Platini is a Sp*urs fan…

Arsenal will of course appeal the ban and are confidant of having it overturned, although it is not quite clear how quickly any appeal can be heard or if Wenger will be able to take his place on the Arsenal bench in Udine tomorrow night. Surely if he appeals & the appeal is not heard prior to the game then a ban can not be enforced? Who knows? This is of course UEFA we’re talking about.

Whatever happens I think that if and when any of our players score in Italy tomorrow night they should all partake in some kind of mass phone based celebration. It would be hilarious…

Now, yesterday I discussed the Arsenal Times ‘Exclusive’ article that was being bandied about on Sunday and suggested that the info included in the article wasn’t as spot on as it suggested. Last night Arsenal Times produced an email from the club which stated that indeed the article was not inclusive of facts.

Now of course the discussion is centred around which party is telling the truth – personally, I can’t see past the Arsenal (the club) but each to their own

Early team news for tomorrows clash suggests that we could see a return to the side for Jack, Djourou & Tommy Rosicky. The trio will have fitness tests today ahead of the squads departure. It would be a timely boost especially if Wilshere is able to play some part in the tie, we’ve really missed the youngsters tenacity.

Tenacious J

Song, Gervinho & Frimpong are all available as their current suspensions are only for domestic competitions. RVP is also back after serving his European suspension & Samir Nasri is also available after being banned for the first leg. It remains to be seen if the Frenchman will still be an Arsenal player by the time we kick of tomorrow night or if his move to the United Stadium will have been completed (Obviously dependant of Samir’s dad getting a share of £3m for making the move happen, obviously) again we’ll have more of an idea on that once we know who is on the plane – if completion of the deal is not completed before take off. More on all of that tomorrow.

Never gonna happen

The transfer speculation continues to link everyman and his dog to us and we’re still being told that no deals will be done until the outcome of tomorrows match. The most ridiculous transfer story of the day is surely the suggestion that we’re going all out in pursuit of Bayern Munich’s Bastian Schweinsteiger.

I’m a big fan of the German and would be ecstatic if we clinched a deal to bring him to North London but I can not see it in a month of Sundays & I’m putting it along side the Franck Ribery waffle we we’re treated to earlier in the summer.

Also, ‘Schweini’ played in & scored during Bayern’s own qualifying first leg against FC Zurich last week so would be ineligible for Champions League football if we make it into the competition proper & sign the player.

You can see why I’m not putting much faith in the story can’t you..

The other bit of news is that Howard Webb will be in charge of our game at Old Trafford on Sunday. Having seen United take the spuds apart last night with seemingly little effort I don’t think they need Webb’s help right now.

Right that’s me done, enjoy your days & thanks for reading.



2 Responses to UEFAing a laugh

  1. BigDaveTaylor says:

    No Jack. Samir’s gotta play! If we get through we’ll lose £22 million in tranfer but gain £25 million in CL revenue, plus have Samir for the rest of the season. If we lose his move to City will not be afected!

    8 days Arsene!!!!!

  2. FinchleyGooner says:

    Agree we gota play Nasri game to important. Nothing to do with city – we play his wages so if we wana play him we should. Platinni can piss off to jumped up little napoleon

    sign some EPL players Wenger. need players with experiance was obvious against Liverpool. Worried aboiut tomorrow and sunday

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