Forward, again.

Well if Sundays humiliation has achieved anything at all it is that the people who run our club have awoken from their summer slumber and seem to have finally realised that money must be spent and players brought.

That is all well and good but it certainly should not have taken anything like the magnitude of defeat for Arsene and the money men to burst into life. We’ve heard a few times from Ivan and Arsene that they and others are working hard and clocking up the hours attempting to get players in, with all the movement that is apparently taking place right now you have to wonder just how busy they previously were. They had three month plus to improve the side so why it has been left until the final few days of the transfer window and in the wake of Sundays crushing? It does make me somewhat suspicious.

It’s hard to know from where/who the reinvigorated pursuit of players has come from – On the one hand you may think that the penny finally dropped for Wenger and he has realised that the squad of players he currently has at his disposal are just not good enough as a group (and in a few cases individuals) to represent Arsenal football club and to compete on four fronts this season rather than suffer the embarrasment of the worst season under his stewardship.

It would be so disappointing if everything the Frenchman has done for the club & achieved in his fifteen years was just a side note to a disastrous fall from grace. He deserves better than that. I said yesterday that I think this should be his last season in charge of the side and I stand by that.

I have no personal issue with the boss, in fact I hold him in incredibly high esteem but everything in life runs a natural course and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say that a change is needed. I would love for him to unveil a new and refreshed vision for the club. To excite us all with it and to implement it but I just can’t see that happening, although if it did I would back it and him as much as anyone.

This late attempt at feasting at the transfer table could have been initiated by the board, whether they saw the game or not they must be well aware of the result and all the implications of it. Indeed the fact that the club have come out and made the gesture of covering the cost of a future away game for all those Gooners who made the trip up to Old Trafford shows that they are most certainly aware that the PR machine must be cranked up to 11 and damage limitation must commence in terms of the corporate face of the club at the very least.

Due to our dramatic decline at the business end of last season we were lucky to get into the Champions League qualifying round and whilst we may have overcome Udinese over two legs it certainly wasn’t an easy passage into the big money rounds and they who count the pounds pence and shillings in the Highbury House counting room know only too well that for all the high praise of the clubs self sustainability model that a season or two without the European honey pot will quickly put a different complexion on our financial longevity.

So having seen or been made aware of the Old Trafford mauling the bean counters, spin merchants and head honchos will be well aware of not only the media reaction but that of it’s partners. At a time when our corporate backing looks paltry when compared to clubs like United and men in suits chant buzz words whilst attempting to shatter glass ceilings and illicit further funds from captains of industry and financial power houses, they can ill afford a collapse of epic proportions where it really matters – on the football pitch.

Equally the club can certainly not afford to loose it’s local and global audiences/fans the people who pay money to attend games and collect merchandise, the very heart and soul of any football club – the fan base.

All of these people have to be kept onside and have to continue to pump money into the clubs coughers hand over fist, the moment that stops or indeed slows down it is only a matter of time before shiny new stadiums are left half empty and the club on the whole begins to look as attractive to players fans and corporate sponsors a like as eighty two year old ladies with a glass eyes false teeth and a blue rinses wearing hot pants and  boob tubes (Unless of course a certain Mr Rooney suddenly becomes one of the above). It matters not how much money those who own the club have in their personal accounts, they certainly won’t want to share it with us.

So in equal measure those who make decisions and those who sign cheques have finally awoken to the reality of the situation. It still stinks that it has taken this humiliation for them to pull their collective fingers out of their arse but there we go, we can’t do much about that now.

It remains to be seen who we will or won’t sign by 11pm tomorrow night, we’re currently mooted to be in talks with so many players, clubs and agents that you wonder what all these ‘negotiators’ must have been doing to earn their corn prior to this.

Let’s just hope that this isn’t just a sticking plaster to appease the offended and the afflicted in the short term and that the club now realise how important its playing staff are and why you need the very best in order to compete and keep those shiny gold coins mounting up, we can never rest on our laurels and stagnate. The club have made much of the word ‘Forward’ during this 125 year anniversary period, it was the motto of the club when it was in its infancy and it must now be the by word for the continuation and reinvigoration of our club. Anything less is simply not good enough.

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for transfer updates during the day.



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