It’s a signing frenzy

Morning all.

Well the transfer window has closed, it’s been locked and the key has been well hidden, not to be seen again until the end of the year.

Jim White just couldn't take it

What a whirlwind the past few days have been, it was as much an un-Arsenal like turn of events as we’ve seen since – well since I can’t remember when to be honest with you. It’s just been crazy.

It all started of course with the capitulation of our weak and feeble side at Old Trafford on Sunday, we were completely on our knees after the game, and during most of it to be honest, and we were staring into the distance of what looked like being an incredibly long and difficult season. Our team had been dismantled over the proceeding months and we were crying out for reinforcements who looked unlikely to arrive.

"My name is Ivan & I'm a transferholic"

But then incredibly, instead of continuing to work on statements which would suggest how busy the club had been and how hard they had worked in attempts to bring new players in blah blah etc, they actually put on their buying hats, heated a pot of coffee and blew the dust off of the Highbury House telephones. Phone calls were made to such exotic places as Bremen & Istanbul…

You can imagine officials at Fenerbache picking up a ringing telephone and enquiring as to who was on the line.

Hello” came an odd British/South African/American accent “It’s Ivan Gazidas here from Arsenal Football Club, we’re interested in signing one of your players

The team sounded familiar somehow but to the best of anyone’s knowledge this caller wasn’t a recognised name in the buying and selling markets of European Football. Then a long forgotten memory was sparked and in the recesses of minds a name was thrust forward and puzzled silence was broken by a reply –

Oh yes of course, Arsenal, yes we know you. Perhaps it would be best if we were to speak with Mr Dein?”

Ivan, used to recieving this kind of response would normally hang up the phone at this point and suggest we focus on our youth players but he had the grit between his teeth and would not be deterred.

“No Mr Dein is no longer with us, he is currently sitting a top an incredibly large pile of money whilst also attempting to take the moral highgorund” He was feeling empowered now

I’m in charge of these matters now days and would like to start the bidding for Andre Santos at two mini milks and a an Almunia

Thankfully, flanked by a supporting cast of twenty, Ivan soon got to grips with the old negotiating game and whilst he realised that he should have got more for Cesc Fabreags, and no one in their right mind would ever sign Almunia, he wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

Five days later and here we are with five new signings, yes that’s right FIVE. Obviously I mentioned Park, Santos & Mertesacker in yesterdays bog.  Well those deals were confirmed and publicised by the club at varying points yesterday while the rest of us attempted to keep up with the ten million rumours doing the rounds regarding who would be next to sign up to Arsene’s revolution.

One of the early rumours was that Keisuke Honda was at London Colney having a medical, that was soon dismissed by all concerned.

We then shifted our focus back towards Gary Cahill at Bolton and within the space of a few short hours the deal was supposedly on and off more times than a light switch until it was finally confirmed that it was most definitely off and having shat their pants Bolton went whoreing at ‘arrys door. However the player himself wasn’t prepared to sink so low.

If I tell you about all the other whispers and rumours that did the rounds yesterday then we would be into tomorrow by the time you finish reading it, so lets skip to the end.

Little Spanish wizard

We certainly left it late but we finished the day with the loan signing of Yossi Benayoun from Chelsea on a seasons loan and at the very last knockings nabbed Mikel Arteta from Everton for a reported fee of £10m.

The signing of the Spaniard had looked doomed to failure earlier in the evening but it seems that it was the players desire to join us that pushed Everton into reluctantly selling.

I know that it is maybe disappointing that we didn’t pull a worldy out of the bag and even more irritating that we couldn’t have done any of these deals earlier in the summer but I have to say, given that what’s done is done, I’m more than happy with the business we have managed to do over the last couple of days.

The players that have come in all have vast experience and will really bolster the team. We’ve no idea how quickly all concerned can adapt to the changes of scenery, league etc but given the calibre of said players  I’ve very few fears on that score.

The Israeli Messi

When you add Arteta, Yossi, Mertesacker, Santos and Park to our earlier purchases of Gervinho, Jenkinson & AOC and in turn add those five to our squad  having subtracted those who have left or are unlikely to play due to injury (I’m looking at you Abou) then you have to say we certainly don’t look any weaker than we did last season. I’m not 100% sure we look any stronger but hey-ho.

It is the experience of the majority of our signings that impresses me as much as anything else, Jenks & AOC aside these are grown men who have all played the game at its highest levels and have done so with a degree of success for the most part. I’ll be looking at the new fellas in a little more detail tomorrow (along with the departures) but we have to congratulate Arsene, Ivan and all those who must have worked their little red & white socks off over the past few days. We haven’t gone out and added more “Potential” to the side we’ve added class and experience and we’ll be all the better for it I’m sure.

Our season really begins in earnest at the grove on September 10th when we face Swansea, from then on the games come thick and fast so we’ll have to hit the ground running to make up for our poor start, especially in terms of  the league. Personally that game can’t come quick enough and I’m sure that goes for all the new Gooners too.

Thanks for reading.



2 Responses to It’s a signing frenzy

  1. bigdavetaylor says:

    Good business done too late. It has definately given us gooners a boost though. I can’t wait till the Swansea game now, although I have no idea who’ll be in the team. At least Arteta won’t be getting injured on international duty.

  2. Usama says:

    All i wanted was Vermaelen to be there and now he’s out! I don’t think Mertesacker would be able to take the pressure alone. I just hope things would get better for us sooner rather than later

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