Awakening from the international coma

Morning all,

I’m afraid that this is going to have to be a very brief post today – to be honest Arsenal related news is so thin on the ground anyway that if I go on too long I’ll most likely get into a rant about something that need not be ranted about and find myself planning a protest but then backing down at the 11th hour.

Players will begin to return to the club today from the far-flung corners of the world after their international excursions and it will be the first chance that many will have had to welcome our clutch of deadline day signings and indeed for all fit and able bodies training together ahead of this weekends game against Swansea.

So far I’ve not heard of any additional injury worries to add to our list of wounded apart from Theo Walcott who missed England’s win over Wales at Wembley last night after suffering a tight hamstring in training on Monday. We can only hope that Theo was just taking precautions and isn’t a doubt for Saturday. An Arsenal player who did play at Wembley last night, and by all accounts had an excellent game, is Aaron Ramsey. I didn’t see the clash of home nations myself but every report I’ve read has spoken about the Welsh skipper in glowing terms, it’s a real credit to the lad that he has come back from his devastating injury in the manner he has.  Aside from a few minor niggles he hasn’t been blighted by injuries in the way that players who have suffered similar injuries have done and whilst credit must go the Welshman for working so hard to pick up from where that knucklehead left him great credit must go to our medical team and the part they played in his rehabilitation. At a time when fingers are again being pointed in the direction of the Arsenal medical staff, as discussed in yesterday’s blog by Dave, we should stop and look at Rambo as a shining example of their ability and professionalism.

As we’ve discussed Aaron has a big part to play this season but shouldn’t have too much expectation placed upon his shoulders or expected to become kind of talisman. it’s hugely important that we remember that he is still young and has a long and hopefully successful career with the Arsenal ahead of him.

It’s a bit early in the week to start looking ahead to Saturdays game and until we know who is available it may well be futile but I think it is fair to say that we can expect to see the majority of the new signings – possibly included in that is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. The young Englishman produced a game changing performance for England’s U21’s at Oakwell against Israel on Monday night. It’s had people finally talking about him in the glowing terms he deserves, I understand that the timing of his signing and the potential size of the transfer fee Southampton will receive wasn’t to the liking of some but let’s make it clear that at the time when sides like Liverpool are splashing out the best part of £60m on the likes of Andy Carrol & Jordan Henderson we have an absolute steel on our hands. Chambo, as our players have christened him, I believe will become a pivotal player for us in the coming years – the fact that he is a fan of the Fresh Prince only endears  him to me more.

Ok, that’s it for today – short & sweet…

Thanks for reading & enjoy your day



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