Do they play football on Endor?

Good morning,

Thank goodness it’s Friday at last, it means two great things shall be happening tomorrow. Firstly I’ll be staying in bed until an hour that is far more reasonable than the stupid o’clock of Monday to Friday and the second is of course the Arsenals lunchtime visit to Ewood Park to face bottom of the table Blackburn Rovers (I say bottom of the table but lets face it, they’re only three points behind us)

I always want to make some wisecrack about the home ground of the Lancashire club being called Ewok Park and seeing their stands full of the fluffy little four footers – but as yet I’ve not thought of a suitable pun. If you have one then send it on a post card.

 The early team news from our perspective is pretty much how we were prior to the Dortmund game

Aaron Ramsey has a small chance to play according to le gaffer, but I can’t see him taking any risks with the Welshman’s fitness not at this stage of the season or, with all due respect, against Rovers. Give the lad a little extra time to recharge his batteries and bring him back in for the Home game against Bolton.

There was no mention of the fitness of Tommy Rosicky or Abou Diaby during Wengers presser but frankly why would there be? The pair may as well be scrapped for parts.

Obviously Tommy Vermaelan & Jack Wilshere are still out but the boss hopes the Belgian will return after the international break in early October.

I would imagine we’ll see the same eleven start as did in Germany Tuesday night, especially as the majority of them are unlikely to feature in the Carling Cup tie with Shrewsbury on Tuesday so they’ll get a weeks rest. We’ll look at it in a bit more detail tomorrow morning but I certainly think that having a level of consistency in our side could only be a positive.

In other news, many Gooners are up in arms because Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has said that Arsenal won’t win either the league or Champions league this season in an interview with Sport Magazine. So….

I don’t have a problem with that really. A – We won’t and I don’t expect us too & B – I’m never fussed about the things players of other clubs have to say about ours.

Let it go people, he isn’t a Gooner any longer and there is no reason to claim that in his heart he still is, none of us liked it when Barca were doing the same. By all means respect Cesc as a former player of the club, which means don’t send him abuse for airing his views.

I know the Spaniard is claiming he didn’t say some of the stuff in the interview, but to be honest it’s a fairly long piece and I can’t imagine they made it all up. Sure the gutter press will twist it and use it as another example of our demise but so bloody what. I couldn’t give a fiddlers fart for what the red tops think or print, I don’t read their papers I don’t read their tripe, I don’t get wound up by it. Lets not forget that Cesc has form for this after his Don Balon interview.

There is no point in snivelling and crying because someone said something about our team that we don’t like, the best way to deal with it is to go out and support our team starting tomorrow and if you’ve not yet got a ticket for the game against Shrewsbury then what are you waiting for go to the online box office and snap one up for as little as a tenner now.

Right that’s me done for the day. Now to count down the hours until I can go home.

 Thanks for reading.

 Paul (You can follow me on Twitter)


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