Hold back your banners

Firstly let me start by apologising for the extended absence and lack of new posts on this blog, I’ll not bore you with the trivial details of why I’ve failed to blog for so long because they’re about as exciting as an International break.

Secondly I would like to thank Andrew Allen once again for his fabulous article on those who have switched their North London allegiance.

It’s now time for us to return to my drivel..

Due to the coma inducing international break there is little going on in terms of Arsenal news and I feel a little like a starving Gunnersaurus picking over the bones of a long dead chicken that met his match upon falling off his basketball. Whilst casting my eyes over Twitter during the weekend I found many footballers, journalists and blogging contemporaries discussing the X-Factor, I can only hope that it was a one off and numbed by a lack of football (in the top two divisions at least) and not knowing what to do with themselves they foolishly gave up command of their remote controls not to mention their balls…

Twitter also revealed that a group of Arsenal supporters intend to unfurl a banner at the home game against Sunderland on Sunday which states ‘Arsene – Thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye’.

Now, I think I’ve made it clear that I have come to the personal conclusion that this should be Wenger’s final season at the helm of the Arsenal – it’s not at all a slight on the man or what he has achieved at our club and indeed football in general, I just feel that he has achieved all he will at our club and sadly appears unlikely to ever steer us to the heights of former glories. So I don’t really disagree with the message, what I disagree with is it’s timing and planned delivery.

Despite mistakes that have been made, and maybe continue to be, Wenger deserves the respect and admiration of every single one of us, He deserves to remain in his post until the end of the season unless he himself determines that it would be better for all concerned if he were to walk away at any point before then.

I understand the argument that says ‘He won’t walk and the board won’t sack him so we have to make ourselves heard’, but come on.. Despite our poor start to the season, the shoddy shape of our squad and our current league position we are far from falling into the depths of despair that banners and marches demanding managerial change suggest, especially when we are only at the start of October.

And what I’m really intrigued to know is who people expect will come into the club and make a startling difference if the Frenchman were to bow down? Where is this new footballing demigod with the managerial midas touch who’ll stroll in and lay healing hands upon our injured and wounded, teach us to defend from set pieces and return us to our supposed rightful place at the top of the league? I’m buggered if I know who’ll come in and have anything like the impact Wenger himself did fifteen years ago.

Anyone who utters the words “Anyone would do a better job then him at the moment” deserves to spend eternity dressed up as that giant cock that is the Spurs mascot.

Last season there were many claiming that Owen Coyle was the man to fill the Emirates hot seat – I wonder how many are still of that view given the trotters are about the only side currently on a worse run than we are.

I heard someone claim yesterday that Jose Mourinho was the man we need… Yawn…

I would also like to know how the board plan to go about finding Wenger’s eventual successor and indeed convincing that man that it’s a job worth taking. Their opinions and the process they will have to undertake are frankly more important than ours. We can not become the kind of club that see’s managers come and go, whoever takes over from le boss and whenever they take over, it must surely be a long-term replacement not a short term fix. That means we may not see instant success, but what then? Do we become the kind of supporters who call for a managers head every time things aren’t going our way?

It’s all well and good wanting to see a change but everything that comes with that has to right for our club, we can’t just appoint any old Ron Manager who’s star may currently be in the ascendancy. Look at the dramatic changes Wenger brought to the club and indeed English football, that was no fluke. The way things are right now we need to be sure that his successor brings about the same measure of positive change because frankly we are unlikely to accept anything else.

So I don’t criticise anyone for wanting to see a change happen but let’s consider the way we go about it as well as the outcome we want to see and whilst we’re at it let’s consider, current circumstances aside, how much gratitude and respect the current incumbent of the role deserves.

I’m off to the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting tonight with Dave, I’ll try and Tweet some updates from that and give you the full SP this time tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.



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