Breaking free from International boredom

This morning there is an awakening happening across the land, millions of men women and children who for the past ten days have appeared little more than listless and dispirited souls are rising up, breaking free from the cocoon of international football, coming out of the coma that only an international break can induce.

And thank goodness, because the football world has been a bleak passionless cesspit with all the Joie de vivre of a night spent discussing the Arsenal defensive frailty with Alan Hansen whilst Gordon Brown massages your feet and the music of Michael Buble plays in the background.

Players will begin to return to London Colney over the next twenty-four hours and as always we’ll all be praying that they do so in full health – no limbs hanging off, strained groins, river blindness, guinea worm disease or monkey pox – I’m specifically thinking of young Aaron Ramsey with that last one, he has after all been in the company of Gareth Bale…

So far the news appears to be good, insomuch as I’ve heard nothing bad, but as we all know that means very little and whilst Robin Van Persie may have completed the full ninety in Holland’s 3-2 defeat at the hands of Sweden last night, and left the pitch unscathed, the Dutchman could quite easily have choked on T-Bone Steak Royster’s at the airport last night causing Dirk Kuyt to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre and consequently break a couple of our skippers ribs.

Andrey Arshavin was on duty for Russia captaining the side in their fake game against made up nation Andorra which saw the home side notch up a six goal to nil score line. To be honest, I could play a pretend footballing nation on my own and win by more goals than that, in fact I did… Last night I single handily thrashed Scothmististan 18-0 and let me tell you, I played a blinder.

I’ve heard a fair bit about Ju Young Park’s hot streak during South Korea’s games against Poland & United Arab Emirates. Three goals in two games is pretty good going I agree but what no one has mentioned is the fact that the two scored in last Fridays 2-2 draw with Poland beat our own Lukasz Fabianski. I’ve probably broken some kind of official Arsenal secrets act now haven’t I?

Per Mertesacker completed 180 minutes for Germany in their duel 3-1 wins over Turkey & Belgium respectively.

Aaron Ramsey captained Wales to two wins on the bounce, surely the first time that has happened since the principality played back to back games against Andorra in a dream back in the mid 1930’s. One of the wins was a 2-0 victory over Switzerland – you look at the nations involved and you look at the score and you assume that Johan Djourou played for the Swiss but in actual fact he didn’t, the centre half is keeping himself fit so he can pick up an injury against Sunderland on Sunday.

Laurent Koscielny is surely hated by Laurent Blanc – having chosen to play for Les Blues ahead of Poland the centre back has been forced to hang out with Samir Nasri for the best part of two weeks by the French manager and not even given a run out on the pitch.

Others have been trotting the globe and playing games that I frankly don’t care about (or not in some cases) and as long as they return intact and help us win on Sunday then I’m happy to put this whole miserable period behind us and to mention it no more – that’s what we all want isn’t it?

I hope tomorrow we might have something Arsenal related to discuss that you & I care about…

Before I go let me remind you that the club have picked the home game against Everton on December the 10th to celebrate our 125th birthday and as such a number of fans groups including the Arsenal Supporters Trust and REDaction are asking fans to submit ideas for ways we can show our appreciation and thanks to this wonderful, beautiful, historic club, so be sure to get involved with that…

Until tomorrow dear readers…

Thanks for reading.



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