It’s a quiz…

This picture of Lee Canoville is not a clue

Arsenal related news is fairly thin on the ground this morning so rather than scrape the barrel in the sense of cobbling some cobblers together I thought I would formulate a little Arsenal related quiz for you (Yes it is lazy of me, I agree).

I’ll admit, it’s probably not the most advanced Arsenal quiz ever compiled but c’mon… It’s Thursday nothing is happening just humour me and go with it ‘eh? What do you say, are you in?

It’s quite simple really (in every sense of the word) there are 12 questions, probably should have been eleven yes but don’t let it throw you, and all you have to do is send me your answers via the comments section (see ‘Leave a comment’ at the top of this post) unless you don’t want to share your answers with anyone else in which case you can email but be sure to put UTABAQ in the title or it may not count…

In an attempt to get this back on a football footing you’ll get 3 points for every correct answer and I’ll pick a winner at random (unless the only person who bothers taking part is Big Dave) and announce the champ and the answers in tomorrow’s post.

What’s that you ask? A prize? No, there is no prize aside from the bragging rights it’ll afford you in the pub after work tomorrow… Imagine it, you walk in the boozer and  saunter over to the bar (The saunter is the official ‘Winners Walk’ I’ll have you know) casually lean on the jump, give your pals a little wink and proudly announce “I only went and bloody won it didn’t I. The Up The Arsenal Blog Arsenal Quiz . That’s right chaps, you’re in the presence of greatness

Magical no?

Right then here we go…

Q1 – Who scored a hat-trick in Arsenal’s 5-1 opening day victory over Wimbledon on the opening day of the 1988-89 season?

Q2 – Which player wore the number 22 during the 2000-01 season?

Q3 – Who made their only Arsenal appearance in the League Cup against Everton on the 8th November 2006?

Q4 – Which former Arsenal player became manager of Bishops Stortford FC in 1999?

Q5 – Which former Arsenal defender also played for Cambridge United, Dagenham & Redbridge and Hong Kong Rangers?

Q6 – David Seaman became the oldest player to feature for England in a European Championship qualifying match in 2002 during the three lions 0-0 draw with which side?

Q7 – Which former Arsenal legend was the first to make tournament appearances for England in three separate decades?

Q8 – Who was the Arsenal’s sole member of England’s 1966 World Cup Squad?

Q9 – Which former Gunner is the only player to receive a medal before an FA Cup Final?

Q10 – Which Maidstone United & Arsenal player was the youngest player on the pitch in the 1994 UEFA Cup Winners Cup Final?

Q11 – Who was in goal for Arsenal when John Jensen scored his only goal for the club against QPR on New Years Day 1994?

Q12 – Which former player of Malaysian side Sabah and Arsenal legend was capped 14 times for England?

No cheating now because I’ll know…

Ok I won’t know, but try not to cheat.

Thanks for playing, good luck and remember that you could be the first ever UTABAQ Champion…



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